Luxury Air Cruiser

An Emotional Experience that Moves You.

Bringing Science Fiction to Reality/Life. Imagine a world where humans have free reign over the skies Surely, life would be more free! Expand your ideas about transport, experience the world like never before Pioneer the next generation of transport. XTURISMO was created with this in mind. A new journey begins...

The world's first XTURISMO.

Combining the thrill of flightwith safety and security.


  • Power Source

    Internal Combustion + Battery
    (Autonomous Control via Electric Control System)

  • Weight

    300 kg

  • Size

    Length: 3.7m
    Overall width: 2.4m
    Overall height: 1.5m

  • Cruising Range

    Max 40 Km

  • Max. Speed

    80〜100 km

  • Payload

    〜100 kg *recommend


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