XTURISMO Limited Edition featured in BBC SCIENCE FOCUS Article, “The 19 most mind-blowing science stories of 2022”

XTURISMO Limited Edition, developed and sold by AERWINS Technologies Inc. (“AERWINS” or the “Company”) has been featured in an article entitled “The 19 most mind-blowing science stories of 2022”, published by online magazine, BBC Science Focus.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (the “BBC”), established in 1922, is the UK’s public service broadcaster and a globally influential media organization with a global audience of more than 489 million weekly viewers in November 2021. BBC SCIENCE FOCUS is a dedicated science and technology magazine published by BBC Magazines, the publishing arm of the BBC. With beautiful photographs and expert commentary that the BBC is known for, the magazine explores topics in current science, technology, and the natural world in an accessible way.

For more information on the BBC article, please visit:
BBC SCIENCE FOCUS at https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/best-science-stories-2022/

XTURISMO Limited Edition was developed by AERWINS as our iconic product and was inspired by the popular Star Wars movie series. It is a manifestation of the dream of air mobility that endeavors to create a completely new way to experience the world, enabling users to feel the joy and pleasure of moving freely in space. It has a wide range of practical possibilities, both in Japan and overseas, including use in disaster relief, infrastructure inspection, and entertainment.

XTURISMO Limited Edition was unveiled at Fuji Speedway in October 2021, and orders are now being accepted. In June 2022 AERWINS announced the global launch of XTURISMO Limited Edition at the Top Marques Monaco, and its performance at the Detroit Auto Show in September was also well received worldwide. The Company reports that it is currently receiving orders and inquiries from all over the world.

AERWINS expects that we will continue to expand our business globally with the aim of building air infrastructure and realizing an air mobility society.

For more information, please visit: https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/best-science-stories-2022/

■Information about XTURISMO
Official website: https://aerwins.us/xturismo/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xturismo_official/
Contact: info@aerwins.us

<AERWINS Technologies Inc.>
Under the mission statement Changing Society from the Top Down, AERWINS Technologies has developed and released an air mobility platform, C.O.S.M.O.S., and the XTURISMO Limited Edition Hoverbike. AERWINS will continue to innovate, unbound by existing ideas, to develop and deploy systems that are necessary for the realization of an air mobility society.

Official site: https://aerwins.us/
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