About Us


Establish the Theory

These words express our desire to be a company that can create new theories (theories and commonly accepted ideas) that will change society without being bound by conventional thinking.


Change the structure of society from the top down

Through constantly pursuing and implementing new technologies, we, as a global company that is leading the air mobility revolution by providing infrastructure that enables anyone to use the airspace safely, securely, and conveniently, will make great contributions to society.

Our Team

Taiji ITOH / Director, Chief Executive Officer

Daisuke KATANO / Director, Chief Operating Officer

Kensuke OKABE / Chief Financial Officer

Kazuo MIURA / Chief Product Officer

Marehiko Yamada / Chairman of the Board of Directors, Independent Director

Dr. Mike Sayama / Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, Independent Director

Steve Iwamura / Independent Director

Our Offices

■ United States

California office:

101 Jefferson Drive 1st Floor, Menlo Park, California 94025 United States of America


Dubai office:

Duja Tower, office 8, Shk Zayed Road


Tokyo office:

Shibakoen Annex Bldg. 6th Floor 1-8 Shibakoen 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan.

■ R&D Center

Yamanashi Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan